Designer & developer with a BIG passion for branding, motion design & creative code.

I'm based in Amersfoort, the Netherlands.

Currently employed as a digital designer.
I'm also active as a freelance designer & WordPress developer.

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During my 4 years+ experience in the world of creative agencies, I had the pleasure of meeting and collaborating with several talented people. I've gained several skills which I still apply on daily basis to help agencies and their clients achieve the creative results they’re looking for.

Working with various clients with a strong emphasis on digital design. These clients include:

EuroSafe・Surplus Select・De Barbeque Boer・Wortell・St. vd Brink・Dromenwinkel・Toppex・NatureScanner・Boiler Garant・RouteLogic

Remarkable project: Rebranding OrangeTalent.

Hooked Concept | 2021 – current
Freelance Designer & Developer

In my freelance career I mainly focus on branding, motion-, webdesign and WordPress development.

Working with various clients, focussing on brand-, graphic-, motion- & webdesign . These clients include:

Technische Unie・Groupe Atlantic・Van Halteren Technologies・Remia・Echte Bakkers・Remeha・Binnenhuisadviseurs・EK Living・’t Stoepje・WOOON・Serta・GRID Bouwgroep・Fegon waterontharders・Railcare

Remarkable project: Designing a tank simulator UI for Van Halteren Technologies.

Content design for multiple franchises. These franchises include:


In-house designer at a start-up. Continue to develop the brand, developing content for the socials and creating landingpages for the website.

One of the campaigns I’ve created was called “Improve your health”, for which I created the “Improve your health” app.

Concept design (brand & campaign design) for various brands. These clients include:

Porsche・Eurofleur・GetJobsDone・Van Slooten・Zwinq・Debuut・Si’Bon・Siggnovation International

Fun fact: As a junior, I created my first television ad.

Graphic Design for various entrepreneurs, including designing of car wraps, exterior & interior signage & logo design.

Crafting playful digital brand experiences, that bridge the gap between brands and their audience.

I’m always looking for opportunities to help people grow their brands and inspire one another. 
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Interested in the skills I've gathered over the years? I'm always eager to learn new tools, so I try to keep this list as relevant as possible.

Branding | Professional

Webdesign | Professional

Webdevelopment | Professional

Motion design | Professional

Concepting | Professional

Digital Strategy | Professional

Graphic design | Professional

Visual design | Professional

Video editing | Professional

2D & 3D animation | Professional

3D modelling | Professional

Arduino programming | Semi-professional

Augmented Reality | Hobbyist


Figma | Professional

Brainstorming techniques | Professional
Concepting, co-creation

Adobe package | Professional
Overall design

Adobe Indesign | Professional
Graphic design

Adobe Photoshop | Professional
Concepting, Visual design

Adobe Illustrator | Professional
Concepting, Visual design

Adobe After Effects | Professional
Concepting, Motion design, Animation

Adobe Premiere Pro | Professional
Video Editing, Motion design

Microsoft Office package | Professional
Corporate templates, Graphic design

Microsoft Word | Professional
Corporate templates, Graphic design

Microsoft PowerPoint | Professional
Corporate templates, Graphic design

Microsoft Outlook | Professional
Corporate templates, Graphic design

Microsoft Excel | Professional
Corporate templates, Graphic design

Web technologies | Professional

HTML & CSS | Professional

Vanilla Javascript | Professional

PHP | Semi-professional
Webdevelopment | Professional
Webdevelopment & creative coding

WordPress | Professional

WordPress CMS | Professional
WordPress development

Bricks Builder | Professional
WordPress development

Elementor | Professional
WordPress development

Crocoblocks | Professional
WordPress development

Blender | Professional
3D Modelling & Animation

Spline | Professional
3D Modelling & Animation

Font Forge | Semi-professional
Font crafting

Lens Studio | Hobbyist
AR development

Godot | On my wishlist
Game development

WebGL | On my wishlist


Communication & Multimedia Design | 2017 – 2021
Hogeschool Utrecht 

SME (MKB) Advisory | 2020 – 2021
Hogeschool Utrecht 

Pre-university education (VWO) | 2012 – 2016
Corderius College Amersfoort

Certification Game design – GameMaker | 2016

Game design – GameMaker | 2015
Vlambeer indiegame studio

Personal interest


Currently I’m on level 4, even though I’m afraid of heights! I like to go climbing at the KEI bouldering hall in Amersfoort.

Side projects

Some of my recent pet projects:

The flag of Achterveld
Helping to develop an official flag the village I was born in. – Fun fact: about 50% of the village got one for free!

Flame of the Summer
Helping to create a children’s book.


I’m interested in both webdesign and development. Currently I’m interesting in learning more about WebGL (JS) and it’s interactive features.

Gathering new inspiration

I love keeping up with new trends in design, experimenting & collecting new design resources.

Retro games

Playing & collecting. I’ve started to collect a bunch of Gameboy games! Also I’m a big fan of the PSVita and the Nintendo 3DS XL consoles.

Board games

At home I’ve got a closet filled with boardgames which I regularly play with friends. My top 5 include:

    1. El Dorado
    2. Isle of Skye
    3. Dominion
    4. Munckin
    5. Exploding Kittens

Augmented Reality

Mainly to play around with and for experimentation.

Go on a walk

Giving my eyes some rest from the screen time and coming up with fresh ideas!

Grabbing a beer with friends