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Hondensnacksonline, just let the tail waggle.

Background information
3 months
Webdesign, Branding
Hondensnacksonline a Dutch online webshop for luxury dog treats, bones, and biscuits. Dedicated to providing premium products and services, they ensure that every dog receives the indulgence they deserve. The goal was to create a new brand from scratch and design a webshop that suited the brand.
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From strategy to design
The first step for this brand to come alive was to find out what would be a good fit as targetgroup.

During the research it turned out there are a lot of competitors in this market, but not a lot that focus on a younger public. Because of this, I figured this could be an opportunity for the brand. The owner agreed and thus the brand got a fresh and vibrant feel, in order to stand-out.

Soon the slogan for the brand was born: "Just let the tail waggle". This slogan is the fundament to all the style elements following. All from the mascot, to the vibrant colors and wiggling loops.
Some of the logos that didn't make the cut.
Logo exploration
During the market research, I saw a lot of competitors that displayed themselves using the typical dogbone logos. Since the logo is the startingpoint for this project, it has a big impact on how the rest of the brand would evolve.

To appeal to the targetgroup, the look of the logo should be modern, recognizable, cute, premium and fitted for adaptive design.

Seeing the logos above here, we've choosen the right direction to go for the brand.
Adaptive design
The logo has a couple of traits that make it unique and future proof. First of all, the badge set-up makes it scalable and adaptive. This means the logo could be used in various different media sizes.  For example: the symbol can be used as a favicon, the badge on its own could be used as a sticker and the logo could be used on a desktop website.

The symbol itself has a couple of traits, which allows for growth in the future of the brand.
Micro interactions
What makes this project special is that the mascot of the brand is fully animated. As such, it could be used in digital advertisement and is able to interact the user in the webshop. This idea which came to mind when I first started to design the logo.

This fresh brand identity makes the company future-proof and ready for it’s adventure.

The final prototype of the main website.
Personal note
I especially enjoyed working on the interactive logo and putting together an unique shopping experience. This concept has a lot of potential to make a web experience truely stand-out.