Keeping Railcare on track with smooth webdesign.

Background information
1,5 months
Webdesign, Development
Railcare is a company specialized in maintaining railways. Our goal was to create an online brand experience, using WordPress as CMS, that informed users about the company while providing users with an engaging and seamless browsing experience. The first startingpoint: a refresh for the brand.
Refreshed styling
The first step for the refresh is to examine the competitors and their websites.

During the research it turned out there are not a lot of competitors in this market. Still in order to stand-out, it would be a good idea to put more emphasis on the brand itself and let the website evolve from there.

During the first exploration for the HERO section, the slogan for the brand was born: "Keeping your railway operations on track ". This slogan portraits what the company had to offer. Also it was the seed that was needed for the rails concept to come to live.
Moodboard exploration
The starting point for the brand refresh, was to create a moodboard, displaying the overall art-direction for the brand. As you see above, you can imagine what the brand and it's website would look like.
Micro interactions
To make the website more engaging, I developed an animated style element, which was inspired by the rails within the logo of Railcare.

It's micro interactions play a crucial role in enhancing user engagement and fostering a sense of curiosity and exploration on the Railcare website.

By infusing each interaction with personality and purpose, we've created a browsing experience that brings joy while guiding the reader through the site.
Before and after.

The refreshed design makes the company future-proof and ready for further growth.

The final prototype of the main website.
Personal note
What I really enjoyed about working on in this project was both the development of the interactive lay-outs as the micro interactions. These interactions make that the site feels really lively and a joy to discover.

Also I really liked how to slogan turned out, since it portraits what the company provides and is ofcourse a strong play on words.